Kiropraktika Stuudio: Tartu mnt. 18-20, 9th floor, Tallinn, Estonia

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We are located on Tartu mnt. 18-20 (9th floor) in Tallinn, Estonia. Entrance to the building is located on the Liivalaia and Tartu mnt crossing, the door is close to the tram-tracks.

You can park your car in Stockmann parking house or EuroPark parking lots near by.

Opening hours:

Tue     9:00-17:00
Wed   10:00-18:00
Thu     9:00-17:00

To make an appointment please contact us on the phone +372 5694 8112,  email or use the appointment form on the top of this page.


About us

Kiropraktika Stuudio on Eesti Kiropraktika Liidu (EKL) liige. EKL on saanud ametliku tunnustuse Euroopra Kiropraktika Liidult (ECU) ja Maailma Kiropraktika Föderatisoonilt (WFC).

Gerly Truuväärt, DC

Gerly Truuvaart, DC is 2007 Graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, USA She has taken continues educational courses in numerous different fields like neurology, childhood development and behaviour.

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Karl Pärjamäe, DC

Doctor of chiropractic (DC) Karl Pärjamäe has graduated (with distinction) a 5-year course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in England.

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Kersti Lurich

Kersti supports patients and doctors. She will answer your call, help you with the questions and guide you through the whole visit in our office. She keeps Kiropraktika Stuudio functioning at its best.

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New webpage layout

Kiropraktika Stuudio have a new website layout. We have turned a new page and come to a new era. We have…

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  • I've been suffered for neck pain almost ten years now. The original pain started from car accident and I was later diagnosed with "Whiplash". It has been very hard to find right kind of treatment which takes the nerve pain and muscle stiffness away. Besides pain that injury caused me instability which I no longer knew when my posture was stable or not. Half an year ago I went to Gerly first time. At that time I did have lot of pain and instability in my spine. After one treatment I felt that something change. I could feel that I was getting better. Pain was gone and also I felt more balanced that I used to be. I've been seeing Gerly since regularly and my whole spinal sensation has been changed completely. I warmly recommend DC Gerly Truuväärt to all people who has chronic pain and instability in their spine. I can assure that you will get proper support and help. Demian